prompt SMS alerts about changes in your credit history
unlimited access to your credit history and your credit score
fraud protection

Become a welcome borrower for lenders

By taking care of your credit history today, you are ensuring that you can borrow on favorable terms in the future. Even if you were late with loan repayments in the past, there are always opportunities to improve your credit history.

Instantly learn about any changes made to your credit history

If you miss a payment, obtain a new loan or pay-off an old one, or if a financial institution is requesting your credit history, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone.

Protect yourself from fraudulent loans

If anyone tries to obtain a fraudulent loan using your documents, you will receive an SMS alert and will be able to immediately contact the bank for clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I regularly monitor my credit history?

To rule out any future errors and prevent unexpected loan or retail credit rejections, it is important to regularly monitor your credit history. You will save time and your nerves when using the StatusControl service ;-)

How do I protect myself from fraud?

A request to check your credit history should be authorized by you. If you did not contact a bank and someone is making an enquiry about your credit history, this may mean fraud.

When can the Freeze option be used?
  • In case of missing documents;
  • When going abroad;
  • When your personal documents fall into the wrong hands;  
  • If you are not going to take out a loan at the moment, but value the sense of security.
How does the Freeze work?

Upon enabling the StatusControl service, you can, on your own, activate and deactivate the FREEZE option, without limitations. If the option is enabled, lenders will not be able to view your credit history, with the purpose of approving a new loan. A lender will be notified that you have chosen not to take out a loan, and you will be notified about the unsuccessful attempt of checking your credit history.

Your existing lenders can monitor your credit history, regardless of the status of the FREEZE option.

Before making a new loan application, you should temporarily disable the FREEZE option, to allow the lender to check the state of your credit history. Otherwise, your loan application may be declined.

What to do if your credit history is requested by an organization that you did not apply to?

You credit history can be requested by the following parties:

  • your existing lenders, i.e., the organizations, where you have existing loans or credit cards;
  • potential lenders, to which you have applied and gave permission to check your credit history.

In case of getting a message about someone requesting your credit history, which does not meet these conditions, you should immediately call the hotline or any other contact number of this organization, and let them know that, at the moment, there can be an attempt made of obtaining a fraudulent loan in your name. If indeed there is an attempt at fraud, your prompt signal will help prevent it from occurring.

As your next step, you should contact the Bureau, to dispute the request. To do this, in the section Dispute your credit history fill in the appropriate application form. We will initiate verification of the fact of the request, in accordance with applicable law