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Information about a legal entity’s previous and current loans and their repayment history.
The report costs 100 UAH if the Bureau database contains no information about the business

The legal entity’s credit history contains data that identify this legal entity, information on current and past loan agreements and their repayment discipline, information on enforcement proceedings in which the entity appears as a debtor, and a record of credit history requests.

Why is it important to check the company’s credit history?

Starting, developing or renewing a business requires financing. In most cases, this means turning to credit funds. The first thing lenders do when considering a loan request is checking the company’s credit history.

When preparing to apply for a loan, make sure to check your company’s credit history first. A loan may be denied due to misunderstanding, incorrectly submitted data, delayed status update, related to a recently repaid loan, or terminated agreement history due to a change in lender. Early credit history check and, if necessary, implementation of the appeal procedure will increase the likelihood of successful loan issue.

The company’s credit history can also be checked by contractors that the company works with on deferred payment terms. A good credit reputation allows the company to cooperate with suppliers on favorable terms.

Exercise your right and check your company’s credit history, at least once a year, to be sure it contains satisfactory financial reputational information.

Certificate about having no credit history
is provided free of charge
You can get a free credit report for your business once per year
Para 3 Art. 13 of the Law of Ukraine “On building and managing credit histories”
upon official request by post

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an official request for a company’s credit history by mail?

Fill out the application for obtaining a credit history on the company’s letterhead with the manager’s signature and seal (sample application), and send this letter and application to the following postal address: Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories Ltd., 49505, Dnipro City, P.O. Box 7566.

Who can check the company’s credit history?

Only financial institutions that were given a legal entity’s consent to obtain information can access its credit history. In particular, this refers to the institutions that the entity applies to for a loan, or those it has open loan agreements with.

How to check another company?

Any company or individual entrepreneur can be verified using the «Business reputation dossier», which is compiled based on the data from open sources.
Obtaining information that constitutes an entity’s credit history is subject to the consent of such entity to perform this verification. You can cooperate with the UBCH as a partner, to be able to request your clients’ and contractors’ credit histories.

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