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Register a lost passport

Register a lost passport

Obtaining a loan with a stolen passport is the most common type of fraud today. Every day the Bureau gets reports of fraudulent loans obtained with lost passports. Proving a fraud is a long, stressful and exhausting process.

Register a lost passport
How do I protect myself?

Enter the details of your lost passport in your credit history. This will enable the lenders to identify a fraudster when the latter is applying for a loan, while you save your nerves, money and your credit reputation.

Reporting to Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories does not eliminate the need for mandatory reporting both to the police (if the document was stolen) and to the State Migration Service (the passport office).

How does it work?

After you have filed a report, we add the following note to your credit history: “ATTENTION! The client reported a lost passport. High risk of fraud, do not approve the credit!” The Bureau’s partners (the lenders) will get this notification when they are checking your credit history (as well as when they are checking your document).

How do I monitor attempts to obtain a fraudulent loan in my name?

If the lenders are checking your credit history, this may mean they have received an application for a loan in your name. Activate the SMS-control service and receive notifications about all requests to view your credit history. This will allow you to promptly respond in case somebody tries to obtain a loan in your name by contacting the lender, and will prevent the credit approval.