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Protect yourself from fraudulent loans, obtained with your lost passport


The loss of a passport is an unpleasant situation, which, in addition to the efforts necessary for restoring it, can result in fraudulent loans obtained in the name of the owner.
Identity theft, using other people’s documents for obtaining loans, remains one of the most popular fraud schemes. Every day, the Bureau receives applications from victims of credit fraud.

What to do to protect yourself from fraudulent loans, if your passport is lost or stolen?

In order to prevent the document from being used to obtain a loan or perform another transaction with property of money, you should register your passport as lost, so that the creditors / transaction parties can identify the invalidity of the document and thus avert an attempted fraud. Moreover, it is important to do this as quickly as possible, since in most cases, fraudsters will not hesitate to try using the document right away.


For the purpose of making quick records of lost documents and prevention of credit fraud, the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories maintains its own register of lost passports.
You can record your lost passport in this register online, through your personal account on the bureau’s website, or via the chatbot.
Even if you are not sure about the loss of your passport, but cannot find it, we recommend that you report the loss. Later, the passport is found, you can always cancel your application.

Reporting to Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories does not eliminate the need for mandatory reporting both to the police (if the document was stolen) and to the State Migration Service (the passport office).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The presence of a passport in the UBCH’s register of lost passports, does not affect the official status, and does not invalidate your document, but informs the creditors of the high risk of fraud, and helps to prevent the issuance of loans to fraudsters.

When requesting the credit history, of a document owner, for loan approval or checking a document by its number, a creditor will receive the notification about the registration of its loss.

How to restore a passport and cancel the lost one?

If your passport has been stolen, you should first apply to the police and obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Pre-Trial Investigations. Upon such an application, the information on your document will be entered into the register of lost or stolen documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This action will help to prevent obtaining fraudulent loans and the execution of civil agreements.

In order to officially invalidate your lost document and restore the passport, you should contact any department of the State Migration Service, the Administration Service Center, or the “Passport Service” service center (at the place of registration in case of passport loss or in any department in case of ID card loss). Upon making this application, your passport will be recorded into the register of invalid documents of the State Migration Service.

Documents required for the restoration of a passport:
– signed statement about the loss (theft) of the passport;
– extract from the Unified State Register of Pre-Trial Investigations (in case of theft);
– receipt for payment of the state duty;
– residence certificate;
– certificate of birth of children (if any);
– marriage certificate, divorce certificate (if any).

How to check if any loans have been issued using the stolen passport?

When approving and issuing a loan, a creditor provides the information about it to the bureau of credit histories, and this information builds up the borrower’s credit history.

By checking your own credit history, you can find out about the loans, obtained in your name and see all requests from creditors for the purpose of issuing a loan.

A certain time can pass between the issuance of a loan and its appearance in the credit history – from several days to 1-2 months.

How to find out about the requests for your documents in real time?

To effectively control your own credit history, use the StatusControl service.
By enabling the StatusControl service, you will be able to effectively control your own credit history. You will:

  • instantly receive notifications about requests for your credit history, which will allow you to respond in a timely manner, to any attempts to obtain a loan in your name;
  • receive notifications about important events in your credit history: registration of a new loan, delays, loan closure, etc.;
    easily check your credit history and rating;
  • manage access of creditors to your credit history, using the FREEZE option. Enabling FREEZE options will prevent creditors from obtaining your credit history, and notify them about your unwillingness to apply for new loans. You can change the FREEZE option status yourself on the website or in the chatbot.

* This all applies to both your credit history and those whose credit history you have added for tracking.

What to do if you find a fraudulent loan in your credit history?

You should contact the creditor who issued this loan, and find out the details. If the loan was issued based on your lost passport, you should provide the documents confirming the loss of the passport, and other evidence of the fraud against you.

If the creditor refuses to admit the fact of fraud, you should go to court.

In order to remove the loan, recognized as fraudulent from your credit history, it is enough to send a request for disputing the credit history via your personal account on the bureau’s website, or in Credit History application. Based on your request, the bureau will contact the creditor and, if the fact of the fraud is confirmed, it will delete the information about the fraudulent agreement from your credit history.