Information from the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances (SRMPE)

he service allows checking the encumbrances on movable property, by obtaining an extract from the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances:

Information on encumbrances prior to 2008 may not be available in the register. Entries on encumbrances that have expired are subject to removal from the registry 6 months after the registration of information on the termination of the encumbrance.


The service allows checking the encumbrances on movable property, by obtaining an extract from the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances.


After search by Taxpayer Identification Number, you will get an up-to-date list of encumbrances of a person. Such search query is free of charge. If you pay 36 UAH, you can obtain a full report on a particular encumbrance.


Checking of vehicle encumbrances allows avoiding risks arising from purchase or sale of movable property, or other transactions with movable property.


What is encumbrance on movable property?

Encumbrance on movable property is a restriction of the debtor’s or encumbrancer’s right to the movable property, arising on the basis of the law, contract, court decision or other actions of individuals and legal entities, which is legally associated with the occurrence of rights and obligations relating to the movable property.

What is the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances?

The State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances is a unified database containing information on the occurrence, changes, termination of encumbrances, as well as foreclosure on an encumbered property.

Typically, the following encumbrances are included in the register:
– any movable property representing a security under an agreement;
– seizures of property in enforcement proceedings;
– seizures by the Tax Service.

How can I start using the service?
  1. Sign in to the UBCH website;
  2. type in the taxpayer identification number of a person whose property you want to check for encumbrances;
  3. in the obtained list of encumbrances, select the one you are interested in, and click on its number;
  4. make a payment and view the full report on an encumbrance.

* All generated reports are stored in the Archive of requests.

What does a report generated by the TIN contain?

List of encumbrance by characteristics:

  • encumbrance number,
  • type of movable property, 
  • date of encumbrance, 
  • name of encumbrancer.
What does an encumbrance report contain?

Identification data of debtor and encumbrancer:

  • name, 
  • TIN/USREOU (if available),

Characteristics of the encumbranced object:

  • type of object, 
  • state registration number, 
  • serial number, 
  • description of object,

Characteristics of encumbrance:

  • type and subtype of encumbrance, 
  • possibility of alienation, 
  • amount of obligation, 
  • encumbrance validity period,

encumbrance registration data:

  • registrar of encumbrance, 
  • information on the underlying document.
When can this report be of use?

Movable property encumbrances should be checked when buying and selling vehicles, and performing other property transactions relating to them, to avoid risks associated with prohibitions imposed by an encumbrance. It can also be useful to do a check about yourself, for any such encumbrances, or to monitor the removal of an encumbrance, once obligations have been fulfilled.

Is there a way to save money, when I need to check a lot of encumbrances?

Connect the StatusControl service. In addition to its basic benefits and features, you will get 10 free monthly queries to check movable property encumbrances.