Credit History

This is information is about your loans and the discipline of their repayment, which is currently contained in the database of the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories.

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Credit Score

Assessment of the credit history quality, which lenders rely on when deciding whether to issue a new loan.

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The cost of the report is — 50 UAH
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Enterprise credit history

Information about a legal entity’s previous and current loans and their repayment history.

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The cost of the report is — 100 UAH
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Service of prompt SMS notifications about any events in the credit history

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Cost — 25 UAH a month
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Credit Application

We select the best offers from our partners individually for every client, taking into account both the state of their credit history and requirements of lenders.

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The service that helps to:

  • monitor changes in your credit history and score;
  • instantly learn about new requests for your credit history;
  • save money on report requests;
  • protect yourself from fraud.
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Cost — 500 UAH a year
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Do you look like a trustworthy borrower? We have already analyzed millions of photos of borrowers using facial recognition technology. Upload your photo right now and find out!

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Register a lost passport

If your passport has been stolen or lost please add this information to your credit history. This will prevent a fraudulent loan getting issued in your name.

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