Monitoring the credit history of your family members

Monitor your family members’ credit histories!


Monitoring of another person’s credit history, enables you to:

  • receive notifications on the changes in their credit history;
  • receive their «Credit History» and «Credit Score» reports;
  • control the FREEZE option, to limit lenders’ access to their credit histories.

What is required to do this?

  1. You need to connect the StatusControl service;
  2. under the service Settings generate a link to confirm the consent to monitoring, and send it to the person whose credit history you wish to monitor;
  3. receive consent from the respective person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the monitoring of family members’ credit history and StatusControl two different services?

Monitoring of family members’ credit history is an additional option, within the StatusControl service. Upon connection to the StatusControl service, you get free access to all options related to the credit history.

How many persons can I connect for monitoring?

You can monitor up to 3 credit histories, in addition to your own.

Does a monitored person enjoy the same features as I do?

A monitored person will be able to receive notifications of changes in their credit history, via Telegram free of charge, if they are authorized in the «Credit History» chatbot. Other benefits of the StatusControl service will become available for them, only if they connect the StatusControl service personally.