Passport check

Free service for checking a passport, an ID card or a travel passport, against the registers of lost/invalid passports of:

  • the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories,
  • the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • the State Migration Service of Ukraine.


One of the most common fraud techniques is identity theft, using an invalid passport. The fraudsters can use stolen or lost documents, documents of deceased persons or canceled documents, to obtain a fraudulent loan, to perform real estate scams, to arrange a lease of some valuable item, or enter commitments without the intention of their fulfillment.


Checking the documents against the registers of lost passports, will allow you to mitigate risks during any interactions involving identity verification via a passport. Series and passport number or ID card number are sufficient for the checking process.

Have you lost your passport?

Register it in the database of lost passports of the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories to protect yourself from fraud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the validity of a passport?

You can order a passport verification report to do this. Although checking a passport using the databases of stolen/lost/invalid IDs does not guarantee that the document is 100% valid, it can significantly reduce the risk of potential fraud.

When is the passport validity check required?

It can be required to check a person and prevent fraud, when any property or monetary transactions are planned.
Fraudsters actively use invalid documents, in particular loans and renting property.