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Credit history
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Five reasons for knowing your credit history

Credit history
Your credit application has been declined

80% of the time a credit application is turned down due to a negative credit history. If there has been a mistake, we will tell you how to fix it. Even if you were late with loan repayments in the past, there are always opportunities to improve your credit history.

Credit history
You have had loans before and you need another one

Check your credit history before applying for the new loan, to make sure that information on already paid-off or open loans is accurate and up to date. This will prevent an unexpected rejection and save you time. Once a year credit history is provided free of charge.

Credit history
You are afraid that someone could obtain a fraudulent loan using your documents

Check your credit history to ensure that no fraudulent loans were issued in your name. Use the SMS-control service, and if anyone tries to unlawfully obtain a loan in your name, you will receive an SMS alert, and then can immediately contact the bank for clarification. 

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Credit history
You can track changes with alerts on your mobile phone

Activate the SMS-control service and receive alerts about any changes to your credit history. For example, if you obtained a new loan or a bank requested your credit history. This will help you avoid any inaccuracies.

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Credit history
We have the largest database of credit histories in Ukraine

Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories works with all major finance and credit institutions. There are over 88 million credit histories in our database. This is the largest database in Ukraine!

Keep your credit history under control!

Activate the StatusControl service and receive unlimited access to your credit history, credit score and the register of requests!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit history?

A credit history is information about your loans and your discipline in their repayment, which the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories receives from its partners: banks, finance and leasing companies, credit unions and other financial institutions. Credit histories are stored in the Bureau’s database for 10 years from the date the borrower has paid off a loan.

How to get a credit history in the mail?

Send your application to Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories Ltd, 49300, Dnipro, P.O. Box 7566.

Application Example

Your application must contain information that will enable the verification of your identity (last name, first name, middle name, passport details, identification code, legal address, residential address). The credit history is sent by registered mail to your postal address within two days of receiving the request. The letter is delivered and handed to the recipient in person, with signature required upon receipt. If there is no credit history, you receive a signed and stamped printed certificate.

Who has access to my credit history?

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine, Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories protects information that makes up your credit history. Only the companies that you have authorized to access your credit history can see your credit history.

What if I don’t agree with the information contained in my credit history?

You have the right to dispute the information contained in your credit history. The credit history can be corrected if the lender confirms that the disputed information is inaccurate. Otherwise, in your credit history you can include a comment of up to 100 words regarding the disputed information. You can submit a request to dispute your credit history with the Bureau following this link. To submit a request, please get authenticated on the website using your mobile phone.

How do I check my credit history that I have previously ordered?

All reports received previously can be found in Archive-Requests. To check please get authenticated on the website using your mobile phone.

How do I find out who requested my credit history?

This information is available in the credit history of the Register of Requests section. It states when and who checked your credit history.

How often does credit history data get updated?

Information in your credit history is updated according to the data update schedule of the Bureau’s partners (from weekly to monthly updates).