Verification of vehicles

Verification of vehicles



In order to protect yourself from fraud when buying or renting vehicles, it is important that you thoroughly check all relative aspects, especially the information on vehicle registration in the Register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

What can you check?
  • information on all vehicles registered by one person,
  • vehicle specifications and its latest registration data.

Please note! This information is only available for vehicles registered after 2013.

How to check?

Choose Open data search — Auto in chatbot «Credit History UBCH» on Viber and Telegram, or in the «Monitorno» chatbot on Telegram.

Checking by vehicle number and VIN number is free!

Checking the owner by TIN/USREOU – 36 UAH.
StatusControl users can make up to 10 free vehicle check requests per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is verification performed?

You can check:

  • by license plate of the vehicle;
  • by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN);
  • by Taxpayer Identification Number (earlier — Individual Tax Number).
Is it possible to identify the vehicle owner just by the license plate/VIN number of the vehicle?

No. By checking information by the license plate number or the VIN number of a vehicle, you will be able to obtain its specifications, as well as the information on its latest registration, including the type, date and registration office, but not the information about the owner.

What kind of information about a vehicle can I obtain?

The report includes the following data:

  • number of the last registration transaction;
  • type of the last registration transaction;
  • registration office;
  • last registration date;
  • state registration number;
  • vehicle make;
  • vehicle model;
  • year of manufacture;
  • engine capacity;
  • vehicle color;
  • vehicle type;
  • vehicle body type;
  • designation;
  • vehicle fuel type;
  • vehicle weight (curb/gross);
  • VIN number.