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United Register of Debtors is a state register that is run by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Sometimes it is wrongly assumed, that this is information about non-payers, based on the database of credit histories that is run by the bureau; however, this register has a totally different content and goal.

Besides having its own database of credit histories, UBCH aggregates and provides data from various state registers and other open sources, including the register of debtors.

Who gets into the United Register of Debtors?

The following individuals and legal entities get into the United Register of Debtors who:

  • lost a lawsuit and did not comply with the court decision;
  • did not pay a fine for traffic violation or any other administrative fine;
  • do not pay alimony;
  • do not pay for utilities and have received a court decision on mandatory collection of debt;
  • did not pay off a loan on time, and have received a court decision on mandatory collection of debt.
What threat does the inclusion into the register of debtors pose to you?

If a person is included into the register of debtors, such person will bear the consequences of a number of prohibitions and restrictions:

  • prohibition to open new bank accounts;
  • prohibition to leave the country;
  • blocking of bank accounts;
  • automatic debt charge-off;
  • notaries can deny execution of an agreement on property sales
How to check a company in the United Register of Debtors?

You can get information from the United Register of Debtors on any individual or legal entity, free of charge, in the «UBCH Credit History» chatbot on Viber and Telegram, or in the «Monitorno» chatbot on Telegram.

The search is performed in the «Search based on data from open sources» – «Collection» section based on the data of debtors (TIN or full name and date of birth for individuals, USREOU for legal entities) or the enforcement proceedings number (enforcement proceedings registration number in the Enforcement Proceedings Automated System).

You can also check if there are any enforcement proceedings for a legal entity in the «Business reputation dossier» report that includes full information on a company, based on the data from open sources, including data on enforcement proceedings.


What is the United Register of Debtors?

The United Register of Debtors is a systematized debtor database, which is a part of the Enforcement Proceedings Automated System. The goal of this database is to share information, in real time, on a debtor’s failure to comply with liabilities, as well as to prevent property alienation by debtors.

The state, an individual or a legal entity can be a debtor, if such subject has a responsibility to execute a decision from an enforcement document. Information about a debtor is input into the United Register of Debtors, at the same time that a decision on opening an enforcement proceeding is delivered.

The United Register of Debtors contains only opened enforcement proceedings, that are relevant to the collection of a debt.
Whereas, the Enforcement Proceedings Automated System contains information on all enforcement proceedings, including those that are already closed, specifying the current status of a proceeding.

How to check your own status in the register of debtors?

You can check your own status the same way as you would check any other person. Go to the «UBCH Credit History» chatbot on Viber and Telegram, in the «Monitorno» chatbot on Telegram, or check the «Credit History» report, which, in addition to general information on loans, also includes information about enforcement proceedings.

How to get removed from the register of debtors?

The information about an enforcement proceeding includes information about the executor of a court decision — full name, phone number and e-mail address. If you contact the executor, you can obtain detailed information on the sum of the debt and payment details. After you pay the debt, you should provide the executor with a payment document, to close an enforcement proceeding.

Upon closing a proceeding, the person is removed from the register of debtors, and relevant restrictions and prohibitions are lifted from such person.

If you turn «StatusControl» service on, in addition to other messages, you will receive notifications on new enforcement proceedings, their change of status and their closing.

Is it legal that anyone can see my debts?

According to the Law of Ukraine «On Organization of Formation and Circulation of Credit Histories», the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories provides credit history information only to its owner, or to other organizations, with the owner’s consent.
As for the debts under enforcement proceedings, free access to the information about them is allowed according to the Law of Ukraine «On Access to Public Information». Public information is published in the form of open data, to provide unlimited access to it.

What is the difference between the United Register of Debtors and the Enforcement Proceedings Automated System?

The Enforcement Proceedings Automated System is a register of enforcement proceedings, that includes all proceedings related to levying of execution of a judgment. The United Register of Debtors includes only the information on open proceedings, i.e., about debtors.