Credit Score

Assessment of default probability based on the borrower’s credit history

You can simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of credit decisions.

The scoring model is based on the data in Ukraine’s largest database of credit histories and we are constantly improving and updating it, which ensures maximum efficiency in risk prediction.


Borrower’s current ID data and the history of changes made to it.

UBCH credit score

Digital assessment of the creditworthiness of the subject based on the data from the borrower’s credit history. Shows the probability of default.

Register of requests

real-time information about the number of requests on the subject.

Passport check against the Ministry of Internal Affairs database

Search results in the list of lost (stolen) passports in the Ministry of Internal Affairs database

Target function
Late payment of over 100 UAH at least 90 days past due within a 12-month period
Credit history characteristics
Gradient boosting
Default probability based on scoring
Credit Score
Credit Score
77 619 491
credit histories
Credit Score
24 628 943
subjects of credit histories
Credit Score
3 720
Credit Score
285 020 481
requests with the Bureau
Credit Score
11 791 190
negative credit histories
Checks of clients, partners and counterparties, risk control and fraud protection
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