Customized score

Highly specialized scoring models individually suited to your requirements

The more accurately the target function and the training set for building a scoring model correspond to the realities of your business, the more effective the risk assessment will be.

How does it work?
You determine the requirements, i.e., the target function, the sampling parameters to build the model
We develop a model to suit your conditions and check its effectiveness.
You use individual scoring in your business processes.
Customized score includes:
Model development
API development and implementation
10,000 free reports for testing
Monthly monitoring of the quality of model distribution
Model calibration during one year after implementation, in case of distribution changes.
Working with the score

To build a customized score, the following is required:

Sample for model training. The required number of records is 10,000 or more;

Sample markup into «good» and «bad»;

Description of the business process for scoring application;

Description of data for model training.

Details and terms of development are negotiated individually.

XML format is used to work with score.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

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