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How to get a credit history in the mail?

Send your application to Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories Ltd, 49300, Dnipro, P.O. Box 7566.

Application Example

Your application must contain information that will enable the verification of your identity (last name, first name, middle name, passport details, identification code, legal address, residential address). The credit history is sent by registered mail to your postal address within two days of receiving the request. The letter is delivered and handed to the recipient in person, with signature required upon receipt. If there is no credit history, you receive a signed and stamped printed certificate.

Who has access to my credit history?

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine, Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories protects the information that makes up your credit history. Only the finance and credit institutions that you authorized to access your credit history and receive information about you can see your credit history.

What if I don’t agree with the information contained in my credit history?

If you disagree with some details on your credit history, you have the right to dispute these. The credit history can be corrected, if the lender confirms that the disputed information is inaccurate. Otherwise, in your credit history you can include a comment of up to 100 words regarding the disputed information. You can submit a request to dispute your credit history with the Bureau following this link. To submit a request, please get authenticated on the website using your mobile phone.

How often does a credit history get updated?

Information about your credit history gets updated according to the update schedules of the partners of the Bureau. Information can be received daily. This happens if a new loan is issued or if a Bureau’s new partner passes on new information about your monetary obligations.

Why should I regularly monitor my credit report?

It is important to monitor your credit report to prevent fraud against you and to prevent errors on the part of credit institutions.

How do I improve my credit history and increase my credit score?

A positive credit history is built by actively using credit products and making timely repayments. The degree of influence of events on a credit history decreases as these events become older. That is, the impact of missed payments from the past will decrease over time, while a recent repayment of a loan will improve the current status of your credit history. Please note that having multiple existing loans can lower your current credit score, while paying off loans makes the score go up. Thus, to improve your credit history, first of all, settle any overdue payments, if any, minimize the number of concurrent existing contracts, actively use credit products (preferably low cost short-term loans), while making timely repayments.

Why does my credit history have no information about one of my loans?

The Bureau may not have information about a loan for several reasons: the bank is not one of the Bureau’s partners, the contract was made before the bank started collaborating with the Bureau, the bank does not have your written permission to pass the information on to the Bureau, the bank decided not to pass on the information about certain types of contracts, etc. In any case, you can request that the bank passes details of your agreement on to the Bureau. The bank in its turn can either fulfill or decline your request.

How do I find out who has requested my credit history?

This information is available in the credit history of the Register of Requests section. To monitor all requests for your credit history, activate the SMS-control service. When we receive a credit history request, we send an SMS alert to your mobile phone.

How do I check my credit history that I have previously ordered?

All reports received previously can be found in Journal-Requests. To check please get authenticated on the website using your mobile phone.

Get authenticated to in to view the journal of applications for contesting a credit history or submitting a new one. For other questions, please contact online chat (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) or by phone 0445851194.

If your question does not require a long consideration, you will receive an answer faster by contacting online chat or the hotline 0445851194 (every day from 8:00 to 20:00)

Who can become a UBCH’s Partner and why?

Banks, non-banking financial institutions and other business entities and natural persons–business operators can become UBCH’s partners (the Bureau’s user), a prerequisite being either an intention to make a deal that involves monetary obligations of the parties or existing deals where one of the parties took on monetary obligations. Partners can check:

  • a borrower,

  • a buyer and a supplier,

  • a client and a contractor,

  • participant of a tender or an auction,

which reduces the risks of doing business.

How do I become a UBCH’s Partner?

To sign up:

1. Complete the Joining Agreement-Application to Information Services Terms and Conditions, namely:

  • complete the details;

  • appoint a Company Administrator;

  • select type of payment;

2. Complete the Questionnaire;

3. Print out two copies of the Agreement-Application and the Questionnaire each;

4. Send the singed, on your part, copies of these documents to the UBCH’s postal address or contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

Can I receive a credit history of a natural person or a business entity without them knowing about it?

No, you cannot. The Law prescribes a particular way of storing and disclosing information that makes up a credit history, and consent of the subject of the credit history is essential before a credit history can be provided.