Entrepreneur Dossier

a body of documented information about an individual entrepreneur from state registers, other public use databases and sources open to the public

Any monetary or property relations require thorough verification of the contractor.

If this is a business entity or individual entrepreneur, then you should at least:

  • check the existence of the individual entrepreneur;
  • verify personal data of the individual entrepreneur;
  • check activity types of the individual entrepreneur;
  • check the current status of the business entity;
  • check the business entity for bankruptcy or liquidation.

What else should you know about an individual entrepreneur?
Individual entrepreneurs can also be checked based on references to them in the media, as well as verification of licenses, if the activity involves mandatory licensing.

The individual entrepreneur can be checked by collecting information from many open sources, but this requires much time and effort.

The “Entrepreneur Dossier” report integrates a body of available information from various sources, and allows you to check the individual entrepreneur in one touch – obtain the data of the individual entrepreneur from identification with the contacts and addresses, check registration of the individual entrepreneur in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, check whether this individual entrepreneur has been closed and is not in the process of bankruptcy, find mentions in media and the information about licenses.

Information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs
  • information about presence of the business entity in the Unified State Register;
  • identification data of the business entity;
  • current status of the business entity in the Unified State Register;
  • data on registration of the business entity;
  • activity type, risk class;
  • contacts and address;
  • information about opened bankruptcy proceedings – proceedings date and number, effective date, name of court, status of the subject;
  • information about canceling the record of business termination – proceedings date and number, effective date, name of court, bankruptcy document number.
Lawyers Information part
  • information about the license – date and number of the decision to issue a license, license issue date and number, office, information about terminating a license to practice law;
  • contacts and address.
Information from mass media
  • USREOU and organization name;
  • information about the publication – news date, event and source.
Information about bankruptcy
  • presence of the information about; bankruptcy
  • identification data of the subject;
  • type, event initiator and date, case number.
Current licenses or permits
  • available licenses or permits;
  • contact details.

The report is provided in web format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a legal entity, entrepreneur and individual?

An individual gets the opportunity to bear civil procedural rights and obligations, immediately after attaining the age of majority.

An individual entrepreneur usually opens a small or medium-sized business. This is the most convenient and simple form for doing business.

A legal entity is an organization registered in the manner prescribed by law, which can have property on its balance sheet and meet its obligations with its assets.

How can you understand that a potential contractor is a fraudster?

It is necessary to study the report carefully. You should have doubts if:

  • the individual entrepreneur has not been found;
  • invalid registration status;
  • the activity type does not match the declared one.
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