How to become a partner of UBCH

Check your potential customers, debtors, employees, partners and counterparties, ensure online risk control and fraud protection 24/7, without any subscription fees!

We offer a wide range of services based on the Ukraine’s largest consolidated database, containing the information received from the majority of financial institutions of the country, state registers and other public sources:

  • comprehensive checking of individuals and legal entities,
  • verification of movable and immovable property, arrests and prohibitions,
  • high-tech services to counteract fraud,
  • wide range of automated scoring models, for fast and high-quality risk assessment, tailored to the specific features of your business.

Our advantages:

  • the country`s largest database of credit histories,
  • aggregated and structured data from public sources,
  • innovations and high-tech solutions,
  • individual approach and flexible rates.

Partners of UBCH can use a single channel to access the information from all key registries, and the largest database of credit histories. They can identify willful nonpayers, as well as nonpayers of alimony, fines or other categories of charges, assess the trustworthiness of borrowers directly, based on their credit history or indirectly, by the patterns of payment card use, applications to other financial institutions, property rights or court cases in which a person appears, etc.

Prerequisites for obtaining credit history data:

  • being registered as a legal entity,
  • signing an Agreement-Application to join the Public Agreement of UBCH, which grants you legal access to all of the Bureau’s products,
  • having permissions from the subjects of credit history (your borrowers) to receive and transfer information about them to the Bureau.

Services based exclusively on open-source data are available to everyone, and do not require entering into an agreement. Thus, in the Credit History chatbot (available in Viber or Telegram) you can check any company or individual using the data from public sources, obtain information about property, arrests and prohibitions, check documents and enforcement proceedings.

Services available to partners:
Credit report of an individual/entrepreneur

Information about an individual’s previous and current loans, and their repayment history.

Credit Score

Assessment of default probability, based on the borrower’s credit history.

Individual Monitoring

Notifications about changes in variables in the borrower’s credit history.

Credit report of a legal entity

Information about a legal entity’s previous and current loans, and their repayment history.

SME scoring

Assessment of the probability of default by a legal entity, based on the data from open sources and credit history.

Checking against the state registers

Information on immovable property rights, registered vehicles, available encumbrances on movable property.

Public Dossier

Open-source information relating to the legal entity.


Service for verification of individuals by photo.

Telecom Report

Mobile phone credit history. Facilitates assessing the reliability of the borrower, associated with a phone number.

Report requests:
    • in a web browser, after having been authenticated on the UBCH website (

In order to become familiar with the web interface and Bureau’s services, a

    • can be used through a web service, which returns the report as an XML file

This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice