Antifraud System UBKI

An automated system that prevents operational risks and is based on the aggregate data from credit applications of all service participants.

Identifying high-risk loan applications

The service is based on comparing the application data from a request, with that of historical application data in the Bureau’s database. Fraud rules allow us to detect logical inconsistencies and earlier compromised data.

You can use the rules, which have already been implemented in UBKI, or you can create your own rules with the rule constructor.

How does it work
The list of activated fraud rules.
The description of each rule and suggestions for additional checks.
Data from an incoming application.
Data from the historical application, for which a fraud rule has been activated
Fraud scoring.
Report processing

Based on the report and your verification procedures, you can make a decision on the application. The application status is transmitted to the service by the second request, and it will be taken into account in the subsequent checks.

XML format is used to work with report.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

Checks of clients, partners and counterparties, risk control and fraud protection
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