Verification according to passport data

Checking the borrower’s passport data, by comparing it with the data in the credit history, and checking the identity document against the databases of canceled/stolen/lost documents.

Verification of documents and identification data of a person, against the data from credit histories, allows for providing protection against fraud with the use of fake documents, to a certain extent, whereas verification of documents against databases of canceled/stolen/lost documents ensures protection from fraud with the use of stolen documents.

You must provide your full name, date of birth, series and passport number or ID passport number to receive a report. The report will contain the results of checking the accuracy of the information provided about the person, by checking it against the data in the credit history. If the specified passport has been registered as lost/stolen/canceled, or if the credit history subject has left comments on their credit history, the report will contain the information about this.

How does it work?

If a person has previously used loans or credit cards, their credit history contains the identification data of the person and data of the passport with which they applied to lenders.
Thus, we can determine the identity and check the specified data, against the data in the credit history, using the identification data.
The information about canceled/stolen/lost passports is collected and stored in the following registers:

We check the specified passport against each of these registries, to see if there are any grounds to consider it as invalid.

The report includes:
Identity verification

Search results in the list of lost and invalid documents


A sign of data matching the credit history information

When will it be useful?

Verification of personal data, against the data of the bureau of credit histories, is a remote identification tool that is approved by the National Bank of Ukraine. A report can be used to verify the dossier data of a person, when applying for a card or a loan online, or performing other operations that require verification of the information about the person.

Report processing

After the Agreement-Application has been signed, and login and password have been obtained, a report can be requested through:

This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

 Requesting a report is possible only subject to the individual’s consent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between verification and identification?

Identification is the identity check of a person, by obtaining their identification data.

Verification is checking (confirmation) that the received identification data belongs to the relevant person.

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