Public Dossier

the body of documented information about a legal entity obtained from State Registers, other public databases and open sources

Allows you to identify problematic counterparties or unreliable partners and protect yourself from potential risks associated with them.

  • registration details
  • status (bankruptcy, liquidation)
  • contact details
  • executives and founders
  • registration documents details
  • taxpayer details
  • unified social tax payer details
Court decisions
  • case number (including details of the case/court decision)
  • parties to the case (code and name)
  • participation status (plaintiff/defendant)
Media publications
  • date published
  • Media name and contact persons
  • reported event
  • source of information
Details about the company’s securities
  • Details about the issuer
  • Details about trading
  • Details about the custodian
  • Details about the shareholders with over 10% of shares

The report is provided in web format.

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