Monitoring of entities

Comprehensive monitoring of the emergence or changes to information about an entity contained in the credit history, state, public registers, and other open sources.

The completeness and timeliness of receiving information about clients and counterparties provides broad opportunities for optimizing interactions with them: implementation of business processes to reduce business risks, identifying the optimal timing and user segment for marketing offers, etc.

«Monitoring of entities» at its core is based on a sophisticated automated system that aggregates and analyzes large volumes of data from various sources, and by detecting changes in relevant entities and triggers, it generates events for alerting observers.

Key benefits:

  1. Real-time monitoring, that allows you to respond quickly to any changes regarding the entity.
  2. A wide range of categories for tracking: credit behavior, enforcement proceedings, legal cases, changes in registration data, property transactions, encumbrances, sanctions, etc.
  3. Flexible options for configuring triggers – to receive only the necessary events for a specific business or business process.
How this works
You define the group of borrowers and a set of triggers to monitor.
On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we notify you about any events.
You take action according to the established response measures.
Data sources
  • Credit history
  • Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Organizations
  • Register of VAT payers
  • Register of wage debtors
  • Information about economic entities that have a tax debt with the State Tax Service of Ukraine
  • Information on bankruptcy from the decisions of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine
  • Automated system of enforcement proceedings
  • Unified Register of Debtors
  • Unified State Register of Court Decisions
  • State Register of Real Rights to Immovable Property
  • State Register of Movable Property Encumbrances
  • Sanctions lists
  • Registers of licenses and permits
Examples of triggers
  • Emergence/closure of a loan or occurrence of overdue indebtedness
  • Emergence/change/closure of enforcement proceedings
  • Emergence/change/removal of real estate objects in the register of property rights
  • Emergence/change/removal of encumbrances on movable property
  • Changes in the name, head, address, owner’s data, authorized persons, beneficiaries, status, types of activities of the legal entity
  • Changes in types of activities, registration address of the individual entrepreneur
  • Emergence/change in the amount/repayment of wage arrears
  • Events related to tax debt
  • Violation of proceedings/amendments in the bankruptcy case
  • Emergence of a new legal case/court documents

Triggers can be selected from the list of recommended, or they can be created according to your needs.

Build strategies based on current and timely information, and maximize the efficiency of your business.

Using the service

After signing the application agreement, receiving a login and password to access the database, you can use the service as follows:


This method allows you to manually manage the list of entities and triggers for monitoring in the Partner’s Personal Account.


This service provides the possibility of automated interaction via API.
Service specification

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