Credit report of a legal entity

Information about a legal entity’s previous and current loans and their repayment history.

A credit report of a legal entity will be useful, in case of registration of a loan contract, execution of the contract with a new partner, as wells as when the verification of the existing contractors is required.

The report allows you to verify the existence, location of the founders, as well as dept obligations of a legal entity.


borrower’s current ID data and the history of changes made to it.
Information about loans
date and number of the contract, type of loan, loan amount, debt amount, overdue amount, history of monthly payments, source of information.
Register of requests
real-time information about the number of requests on the subject.
Contractor’s status (data from the State Statistics Service and EDR (Unified State Register))
registration details, contacts, current status, tax payer details.
Information about enforcement proceedings (data from and the Registry of Debtors)
reference number, opening date, parties, production type, current status, information from the Registry of Debtors.
comments from the subject, reports of a lost passport, disputing a loan contract or activated FREEZE.
Report processing

After the Agreement-Application has been signed, and login and password have been obtained, a report can be requested through:


This method enables the manual processing of requests. To request a report, it is enough to specify the EDRPOU / Tax Identification Number (business entity).
This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

 Requesting a report is possible only subject to the legal entity’s consent




credit histories
subjects of credit histories
requests with the Bureau
negative credit histories
Checks of clients, partners and counterparties, risk control and fraud protection
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