Сredit report

The key report of the Bureau with the information about credit obligations, discipline of their repayment, register of requests, as well as the data about executed business activities, data from open sources and other information needed to generate the profile of the subject, and assess the risks related to interaction with them.

Improve decision-making processes with credit report data.
Quickly and effectively assess the risks when issuing loans, recruiting, executing contracts with contractors.

The database of the Bureau’s credit histories contains the data about more than 25 million subjects of credit histories. More than 550 organizations upload information to it. Thus, the Bureau generates the register of credit histories, containing the up-to-date information about borrowers and debtors of the majority of Ukrainian lenders.

Analysis of the subject’s credit history is the most effective decision-making tool for assessing financial risks, when it comes to lending or other interactions with persons.
The information about previous and current credit obligations, discipline of their fulfillment, frequency and nature of loan applications, allows for generating the borrower’s profile and predicting their behavior when obtaining a new loan.

Supplementing the data from the register of credit histories, with the information from public sources – particularly with the data about executed business activities, bankruptcy status, data from the unified registry of debtors, register of enforcement proceedings and other registers – allows for extending the subject’s profile and taking into account additional factors that may significantly improve the quality of risk assessment.

Verification of documents against registers of canceled/stolen/lost documents, allows for preventing fraud, committed with the use of lost (stolen) documents.


borrower’s current ID data and the history of changes made to it.

Information about loans

date and number of the contract,
type of loan,
loan amount, debt amount, overdue amount,
history of monthly payments,
source of information.

Register of requests

real-time information about the number of requests on the subject.


contact details and history of changes.

Business entity unit

registration details of a business entity.

Search for wanted persons in the Ministry of Internal Affairs database

results of the search for a subject in the list of wanted persons in the Ministry of Internal Affairs database.

Identity document check

search results in the list of lost and invalid documents.

Information about enforcement proceedings

parties to enforcement proceedings; information about the contractor (name, contacts); characteristic of enforcement proceedings (status, type, opening date); history of changes in enforcement proceedings.


сomments from the subject, reports of a lost passport, disputing a loan contract or activated FREEZE, credit history correction, certificate of passing the financial literacy test and information about the possible death of the person.

Register of public persons

Information about a person’s membership in the list of public figures of Ukraine.

Information from sanctions lists

Information about a person’s membership in the sanctions lists of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, countries: Great Britain, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the EU.

Bankruptcy information

Information about the person of entrepreneurial activity, in respect of which the bankruptcy procedure is ongoing or has been completed.

What will the report be useful for?

The report will be useful for:

  • generation of the subject’s financial profile, in order to assess the risks related to interaction with them;
  • ensuring the required level of loan portfolio quality, by verification of the subject at the loan approval stage;
  • monitoring current borrowers to timely respond to possible changes in the financial profile;
  • checks of contractors and employees, interaction with which involves financial risks.

If your organization deals with lending, you can submit the information from your own register of debtors to the Bureau, and obtain reports on better terms.

Report processing

After the Agreement-Application has been signed, and login and password have been obtained, a report can be requested through:


This method enables the manual processing of requests. To request a report, it is enough to specify the customer’s Tax Identification Number as well as his/her full name and date of birth.
This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

 Requesting a report is possible only subject to the individual’s consent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to start checking debtors?
  1. You can obtain the information that makes up a credit history of a subject, only if they provide consent to such a verification.
  2. In order to receive access to the register of the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories, you must sign the Agreement-Application to join the Public Agreement, as well as to receive the login and password to enter your partner account.
Does the register of the Bureau of Credit Histories contain only the information on debtors?

The information about any assumed credit obligations generates the borrower’s credit history. You should not confuse registers of debtors with the database of credit histories. A credit history contains the information about factual patterns of use of credit funds, and discipline in the fulfillment of credit obligations for all the taken-out loans, both with violation of and with ideal adherence to a payment schedule.

How often is the data about debtors updated?

Update procedures may vary depending on the lender that has transferred the information about the agreement – from daily to monthly data transfers.

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