Standard credit report

Information about an individual’s previous and current loans and their repayment history.

Risk assessment for issuing and servicing loans

The database of credit histories of more than 20 million individuals will promptly and effectively assess the creditworthiness of a borrower.

Checking applicants or employees

Timely detection of applicants’ unreliability, especially in situations involving financial responsibility or in companies that practice issuing loans to employees, will enable you to manage risks wisely.


Borrower’s current ID data and the history of changes made to it.

Information about loans
  • date and number of the contract

  • type of loan

  • loan amount, debt amount, overdue amount

  • history of monthly payments

  • source of information

Register of requests

real-time information about the number of requests on the subject.

Passport check against the Ministry of Internal Affairs database

Search results in the list of lost (stolen) passports in the Ministry of Internal Affairs database

Court decisions
  • case number (including details of the case/court decision)

  • parties to the case (code and name)

  • participation status (plaintiff/defendant)

Photo verification

counteracting fraud and identity theft by checking the identity of the person on the photo

Standard credit report
68 674 980
credit histories
Standard credit report
23 388 389
subjects of credit histories
Standard credit report
3 531
Standard credit report
248 157 927
requests with the Bureau
Standard credit report
10 601 040
negative credit histories
Checks of clients, partners and counterparties, risk control and fraud protection
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