Information about registered vehicles

One of the most effective tools of credit decision making is assessment of the subject’s current assets.
Data from the register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – “Information on the vehicles and their owners” – allows for identifying vehicles registered by individuals and legal entities, as well as their specifications.

The register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs keeps record of all the vehicles registered since 2013.

Information on VIN codes of vehicles registered before January 1, 2021 is not available in the register.

Data on registration of vehicles includes:

  • code of the transaction,
  • type of the transaction,
  • registration office,
  • last registration date by the owner,
  • state registration number (license plate number of a vehicle),
  • vehicle make,
  • vehicle model,
  • year of manufacture,
  • engine capacity,
  • vehicle color,
  • vehicle type,
  • vehicle body type,
  • designation,
  • vehicle fuel type,
  • vehicle weight (curb/gross),
  • VIN number.

A report is requested for the owner – an individual or legal entity.

The report includes the list of all the vehicles registered by a person and detailed information on every vehicle.

Thus, the report allows for assessment of the quantity of vehicles owned by the person, the term of possession, approximate assessed value of assets according to the technical specifications, etc.

What will the report be useful for?

The report will be useful for:

  • assessment of the subject’s current assets, to make a credit decision;
  • verification of security assets;
  • generation of targeted offers, according to the criteria of availability or specifications of the vehicles owned.
Report processing

This method enables the manual processing of requests.  To request a report, it is enough to specify the customer’s Tax Identification Number/EDRPOU.

This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

Frequently asked questions

Can a vehicle be checked by the license plate number?

Only the owner can make a request for this report.

For individuals, the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories offers the service of checking vehicles via the chatbot in Telegram, allowing for the verification a vehicle by the license plate number, VIN number or owner.

You can identify the vehicle by its specifications and registration data, but the owner cannot be found by the vehicle’s license plate number.

Why doesn’t the report reflect all the vehicles owned?

The register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs contains the data only for vehicles registered since 2013, inclusive. Therefore, the report will not contain the vehicles with the same owner registered before 2013.

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