Information from the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrance

Information on available encumbrances and on a certain encumbrance of movable property by the subject.

Data from the State Register of Movable Property Encumbrance will allow you to obtain up-to-date information on the existing encumbrances on movable property of an individual or a legal entity. You can also get more details on a certain encumbrance, which will allow you to make a more accurate estimate of the available assets of the subject.

Types of requests: by TIN/USREOU of the subject or by encumbrance number.

A request by TIN/USREOU will allow you to get:
A list of available encumbrances, as follows:
Encumbrance number, Type of movable property, Date of encumbrance, Name of encumbrancer.
A request by encumbrance number will allow you to get the following:
Identification data of debtor and encumbrancer

TIN/USREOU (if available),

Characteristics of the object of encumbrance

Type of object,
State registration number,
Serial number,
Object description.

Characteristics of encumbrance

Type and subtype of encumbrance,
Possibility of alienation,
Amount of obligation,
Encumbrance validity period.

Encumbrance registration data

Registrar of encumbrance,
Information on the underlying document.

Report processing

After the Agreement-Application has been signed, and login and password have been obtained, a report can be requested through:

This method enables the manual processing of requests. To request a report, it is enough to specify the customer’s Tax Identification Number as well as USREOU.
This method of reporting enables the automated processing of requests, and provides reports in the format of your choice.
General structure of interaction:
Http Method
Request URL
Test URL

 Requesting a report is possible without individual’s consent.

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