Reports allow you to assess the dynamics of the credit market, and the position of your organization on it

High-quality analysis of the market is crucial for making the right decisions that ensure business development.

The availability, effective systematization and visualization of comprehensive information, about market participants, is the key to high-quality analysis. The Benchmarking report deals with these tasks perfectly.

What does a report include?

A report is provided as a set of diagrams, indicating the level of your organization’s performance, average values of all market participants and the Top-10 market participants.

A total of 19 diagrams are available to study: a diagram on the number of credit history requests, on the number of unique clients for which a request was made, on the number and average amount of issued loans and set credit limits, on the average age and loan burden of borrowers, etc.


When will it be useful?
  • situational or regular evaluation of the company’s position on the market;
  • identification and analysis of competitors;
  • monitoring of activities of competitors;
  • understanding of company’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • analysis of the influence of certain factors on the credit market;
  • analysis of changes in customer behavior;
  • search for a potential target audience.


 Report processing is performed in the WEB-format.

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