SMS debt notification service

Sending SMS alerts to the debtors about a late payment, when they are applying for a new loan

When deciding whether to issue a loan, most Ukrainian lenders check the borrower’s credit history in our database. Therefore, providing information about the loan to the Bureau is an effective disciplinary measure for the borrower.


How this works
SMS debt notification service
When issuing a loan, you receive the borrower’s consent to transfer data to the Bureau
SMS debt notification service
You provide contract status updates to the Bureau on a monthly basis
SMS debt notification service
The borrower cannot obtain a new loan if they have overdue payments
SMS notifications
SMS debt notification service
Your debtor with a late payment, which is more than 30 days overdue, submits an application to another lender that uses the service
SMS debt notification service
The debtor receives an SMS alert about outstanding payments owed to your company
SMS debt notification service
The debtor pays off the debt
Data transfer
In an XML file

The format is described in data transfer specifications. UBKI FILE SENDER is an out of the box solution for converting to UBCH XML- or DBF-files, as well as for converting data from CU-Program version or newer.

Manual input in a web browser

After having been authenticated on the UBCH website ( navigate to Data Transfer – Manual Input in the Menu. This service is suitable for a small number of provided credit transactions or during the period of adaptation of your software to the Bureau’s services.

To provide data to the Bureau, you must have the borrower’s consent to collect, store, use and distribute information through the Bureau.

SMS debt notification service
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