Online customer verification service, on your website, through Ukrainian banks, using electronic digital signature or ID card.

Customer verification on your website, with a guarantee of authenticity when registering, ordering a service, and obtaining consent during formation of requests.

  • through the bank, where the customer is served
  • using EDS (electronic digital signature)
  • using ID card (plastic passport of Ukraine)

Customer verification using BankID through a bank, is no different from verifying documents in a bank in person. Access to customer data is as secure as access to money (via Internet banking).

How this works
The client chooses an authentication method on your URL.
Enters relevant verification details
The service carries out verification on the side that provided client details
Your URL receives the client’s details.
General details
Last name First Name Patronymic name phone, Taxpayer Identification Number, date of birth, gender, email, residency.
Addresses of
registration, birth.
Document details
passport, travel passport, ID.
Scanned copies
passport, travel passport, Taxpayer Identification Number, photo.
Service processing

The Bureau provides the BankID service to the Partner, based on the current Application Agreement on Information Services. BankID Service Terms of Use



Connection and interaction is based on API.